Happy New Year

New breads and inspiration for 2022

Happy New Year from Our Big Oak, after a restorative holiday break I hope January finds you well. My family took a camping roadtrip towards the southwest, and found some quiet in the desert, and some inspiration in las panaderias. Back in the kitchen now, and inspired with a few new breads to add to the lineup.

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Chocolate Conchas - over the years I’ve warmed to Mexico’s take on a sweet bun, almost a yeast donut but baked with a crackled cookie draped over in place of a glaze. I’m only offering chocolate for now, because it’s the best, but perhaps the spring will see some other possibilities.

Olive Oil Brioche - I love brioche, typically made by incorporating a staggering quantity of butter into the well kneaded soft dough. I also love incorporating lots of butter, but a few turns led me to a vegan version I like at least as much, with olive oil and agave syrup only slightly hinted in the aroma. This is an upstanding wonder bread, whether you’re making sandwiches or french toast.

Fruit jam puff pastry turnovers - flaky and sweet, to start I’m offering two flavors of filling: fig jam made from local figs, and a zestier the-holidays-don’t-have-to-be-over cranberry orange spread lightly spiced with cardamom, nutmeg, coriander, and allspice.