Supporting Milly Free Fridge

you can help directly, too

A Milly Free Fridge Donation in your order gets multiplied in a couple of ways: first, we bake double that much for the week, helping us balance out batches and orders; second, we buy healthy ingredients to turn our breads into sandwiches ready to eat, along with cookies and pies; finally, we donate a third of the dollar amount back to the fridge project to cover other expenses and needs. Your donations have fed our community hundreds of times this year, and it brightens my day that you’ve helped bring the same quality baked goods you enjoy to the most...…

We start with organic ingredients

I thought I’d share my reasons for choosing organic ingredients, and why I don’t insist on everything being organic: small and local is even more important.

Order our organic bread here.

The ecological impact of farming with fossil fuel fertilizers and pesticides is my primary motivation, so at their best organic practices result in a long-term rebuilding of soil and an integrated ecosystem that balances supporting wildlife and managing pests. This is a conservative view about what world we should leave after us, along with a humble sense of our place in that world. Hopefully...…