Taking Orders for Thursday Pickup

Get your bread mid-week!?

Now you can order, pay online, and pickup your favorite breads and pastries between 12pm-4pm on Thursdays.

Order now…

Last week’s market was a great reminder of how many wonderful customers I have, but also I was the only vendor setup all morning. I’ve loved the support of good farmers markets all these years, and look forward to continuing gathering on Saturday mornings… but I get it, I could use a break from the heat too!

I’m excited that this allows me to offer a few more variations that haven’t always made sense to bring to market - sourdough variations with walnuts or olives, the wonderful croissant-based cinnamon morning bun, bagels and burger buns. A larger standard menu, with specials to come in future weeks.

Donna at The Market Collective in downtown will be our gracious host this fall. Place your order anytime between the weekend and Wednesday morning when doughs get started, then I’ll send you an email Thursday reminding you to pick it up that afternoon. I’ve put limited quantities of everything, when they’re gone … I may decide I can bake some more, so email me if things go quickly!